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FGR Match Reports

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

One of our FGR Ambassadors, Eddy Turner, has been busy supporting the team in their attempts to win the league. Here are 2 more of his fabulous match reports.

FGR v Guiseley

On the 22nd October, Guiseley travelled to Nailsworth for a tough battle against our quality local team, FGR.

Danger at a football game? Who’s heard of that? You’d think the only danger would be from being hit by a football. But no, not this time. For this game it an obscure answer- it was a people carrier with its hand-break off!

The first few minutes were possessed mainly by Guiseley; we had big holes in our defence. Nothing was particularly goal-threatening until Darren Carter smashed a shot into the back of the net in the 20th minute.

Early in the second half we put another cracking goal in the net, this time from Christian Doidge. After several attacks and counter-attacks from both sides, an own goal was scored to make it 3-0!

From then the game was certainly sealed, but to dramatize matters a late attempt from FGR unfortunately hit the post!

“The 36 Guiseley supporters were a noisy bunch,” said my dad.

After 90 minutes the final whistle was blown, the score being 3-0 to FGR.



FGR vs. Dagenham & Redbridge

The match on the 29th October held a big rivalry: FGR vs. Dagenham & Redbridge, or in other words, it was a top of the table clash- 1st vs 2nd. This time we weren’t the only people from Avening School; there were about 40 people from Avening because we had participated in the ambassador scheme and we’d been given free tickets. Hopefully there will be many more fans from Avening now.

I personally thought the score would be 0-0, but I was wrong.

Tension was high with the massive crowd, which was over 2200 and 182 of them had travelled from Essex. In the space of the 90 minutes of play, a grand total of 4 footballs were kicked over the stand, the most I’ve ever seen!

The first half was an impressive performance from the Rovers. We were passing very well and in the 7th minute a shot from Rhys Murphy unluckily hit the post. Next, Christian Doidge slammed the first ball over the goal and away into the car park!  Later on in the half two more balls followed the same path: one from Darren Carter and again Doidge hit another ball out of the ground.

“We played well in the first half. We had loads of opportunities; we should have had a penalty,” said Tom Jordon.

The second half started really well with an early goal from Rhys Murphy . In fact, it was so early (48th minute) that most people were still queuing for their chips!  Sadly, the Daggers would not rest and bagged a goal with a good header that Sam Russell simply couldn’t reach. Yet another ball was lost due to a deflection off one of our defenders- all 4 footballs went over north stand; the away stand. 2 late substitutes (Elliott Frear and Kieffer Moore) were a final burst of energy but even injury time was not enough for FGR to get a winning goal.

My mum, who doesn’t see the point of football, said, “I enjoyed that; I might come again next week!”

Commenting on this, my dad said, “In that case I’ll have to take up golf!”

The final whistle was blown with the score 1-1 and the Man of the Match award was given to our number 4, Drissa Traore. FGR are currently top of the table and Dagenham are just below at 2nd. We still want to get into the major football league and hopefully this is the year.

Team Cross Country

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

2 teams entered the team cross country at Kingshill School in Cirencester and really enjoyed competing against other local schools. They gave their best, collaborated well in their teams and supported each other brilliantly. A full gallery of pictures is on the school website.

Team Cross Country

Team Cross Country

World 5000m Challenge

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

All of the pupils took part in the World 5000m Challenge. They took the opportunity of some lovely weather to complete the challenge in teams of 10 running against the clock. Running in relay, everyone collaborated to finish the distance in the fastest possible time. The Owls entered 3 teams, the Hawks entered 2 and the Eagles and Kestrels all worked together.

Annie’s team: 22m 26s

Dermot’s team: 23m 03s

Sidney’s team: 22m 38s

Yasmine’s team: 26m 36s

Archie’s team: 25m 08s

When they got back to school they researched the time Mo Farah won the 5000m in Rio which was 13m 03s. They were thrilled to be only about 10 minutes behind the Olympic champion and amazed how quickly he can cover the distance! Everyone felt better after being so active in giving their best. A full gallery of pictures is on the school website.

World 5000m Challenge

World 5000m Challenge

Active Avening School!

Active Avening School!

FGR Ambassador

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Eddy enjoyed being a mascot for the FGR v Barrow match at the weekend. This is part of his role as one of our FGR ambassadors and he has written a report on the match.

FGR vs. Barrow

On the 1st October, Forest Green Rovers faced Barrow at FGR’s environmentally friendly stadium, the New Lawn.

Before the game, I was lucky enough to walk on pitch alongside an FGR player,  Drissa Traore . It was a thrilling experience which is worth being an ambassador for.

In the first half we were playing tactically, passing the ball around well. We got better over time, gradually finding Barrow’s weak spot with two shots in a minute narrowly missing.

The second half was a lot better, but while lots of opportunities   were taken, none of them found the back of the net. After 80 odd minutes the game-play got very exciting and tonnes of great crosses were thrown into the box. FGR came close many more times, but the game ended 0-0.

Unlike in previous reports, my dad said nothing at all after the final whistle. He wasn’t there!

However, my mum was, and she quoted, “I like the goalie’s pink outfit!”

Once again, Forest Green Rovers didn’t fail to entertain us.



By Eddy

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