Using The Internet Safely

As part of the pupil’s ongoing understanding of internet safety, 2 local police officers visited school to remind everyone of the benefits and dangers of using the internet. They visited every classroom to give age appropriate advice and information which helped the children reflect on their internet use. They made it clear how important their safety online is and some of the dangers that they could meet. More importantly, they reinforced the steps pupils should take if they ever feel uncomfortable which is to tell a grown up that they trust.

They left everyone SID’s Top Tips

  1. People you don’t know are strangers. They are not always who they say they are.
  2. Be nice to people on the computer like you would in the playground.
  3. Keep your personal information private.
  4. If you ever get that ‘uh oh’ feeling, you should tell a grown up you trust.

Don’t forget Safer Internet Day 2016 is on February 9th so keep a look out for resources and information that are¬†available.

Useful Websites

Visit for age appropriate information for the whole family.

An important internet safety website for parents and carers is It offers a completely refreshed suite of articles and guidance on all aspects of child internet safety.

Families can also use the website to access the CEOP Safety Centre ( where they can report abuse and exploitation direct to CEOP.

Learning how to stay safe online.

Learning how to stay safe online.

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  1. Mrs Rushton Says:

    Some really important tips to remember. Thank you for PC Leah Davis for your advice.

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