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Enrichment Week

Monday, June 29th, 2015

This week all of the children are working in their houses to create a show based on the four elements of fire, earth, water and air. To inspire the children they had the opportunity to build a fire, listen to stories and meet a fashion designer.

Piers visited the school and demonstrated to the children how they could nurture a fire and help it grow safely. Everyone enjoyed gathering the materials that they needed and were able to light a fire. Mrs Steele, a storyteller, told each house stories about their element in the school garden. If this wasn’t inspiring enough, Savannah Miller explained the process of designing her clothing ranges so the children will be able to apply it to their own work.

A fantastic start to what promises to be a marvellous week!

Making Fire!

Making Fire!

Listening to wonderful stories.

Listening to wonderful stories.

Salt and Pepper pay us a visit!

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

This morning, some very special guests paid us a visit.  Rev Celia brought in Salt and Pepper, twin lambs who were born last week. We all had a cuddle with the lambs and we fed them milk from a bottle.

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This is what some of the Eagles wrote about the visit:

Rev Celia came to class and she brought her baby lambs. The white one is called Salt and the black one is called Pepper. We fed the lambs but unfortunately the lambs weed on the floor!



The white one was called Salt and the black one was called Pepper. They were cute. They got to go on our laps. Both of the lambs had some mud on them!

Maria P


I like the baby lambs because they are cute and fluffy. They are called Salt and Pepper. I like them because they are really nice. They are fed out of bottles.



We fed the lambs and they wiggled their tails. They weed on the carpet!

Harry D


The lambs are so cute!



First Rev Celia brought two baby lambs into class. We fed them with milk in a bottle. The white one was called Salt and the black one was called Pepper. I liked both of them but a lamb weed on the floor! It was so funny, I loved it!

Skye Rose


We are hoping to go and visit the lambs at their farm very soon!


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