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Barmy about birds!

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

As part of our topic on flight, the Eagles participated in the RSPB’s Big School Birdwatch.
We spent two exciting weeks learning all about the birds that visit our gardens. We made a survey of our favourite birds, turned our home corner into a bird hide and dressed up as birdwatchers. We also built bird hides in the garden so that we could watch the birds without being seen.

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We made our own binoculars and drew pictures of our favourite birds using oil pastels. We made birds out of clay and built nests for them outdoors.

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We went birdwatching in the school grounds. Lots of different birds visited our school garden; we saw pied wagtails, robins, blackbirds, chaffinches, lots of jackdaws and many other kinds of birds. Our most exciting spot was a young heron who was fishing in our stream- we thought it looked just like a pterodactyl when it flew away!
At the end of our birdwatch, we had a very special visitor- Luna the Barn Owl, from the Barn Owl Centre in Gloucester. We learned lots of things about owls, and we all thought Luna was just like the Owl Mother in Owl Babies.

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What an exciting fortnight- we can’t wait for next year’s birdwatch!

A New Playground!

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

We have recently had one of our playground refurbished which has made a huge improvement to the area. The new fences, goals and playing surface will allow the children to play a greater variety of creative games during their breaks. I will also improve our PE lessons by giving us facilities, such a rebound wall with a consistent bounce, that were not available before. As you can see from the pictures it has been given the children’s seal of approval already.

What do you think their opinion of the playground is?

What do you think their opinion of the playground is?

Football pitch being tested!

Football pitch being tested!

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