Residential 2018

October 11th, 2018

Residential 2018               South Cerney

We had an unforgettable time! This trip put us through our paces and challenged us to open up to others and have fun.


We started our trip. We had a half an hour bus journey with songs such as wheels on the bus go round and round. Some joined in while others hid from this musical nightmare. We got there . To some, their fun had just begun; for others, they were scared for the challenge ahead . First we saw the warm, welcoming face of our instructor,`Jon`. We all said our hellos and picked up our bags. By now, everyone had forgotten how heavy they were – they almost pulled our arms out of their sockets. After going over quick safety chat, the fresh air hit us as we took in our surroundings for the first time. The thought raced through our minds that we would be staying here for 3 whole days. We all got asigned our mini homes for the next couple of days; the packing wars started! Clothes flying everywhere, stuff already missing, beds being made.What could possibly go wrong… The one thing we had to look forward to now was the food. We all dug into our tasty treats apart from Harry who forgot his lunch. But, spoiler, he wasn’t the only one! Mr Wilkinson forgot his too. Kind Mrs Wilkinson had to nip to Tesco to buy a sandwich! As soon as our lunches were gone, we headed back to finish unpacking but then we remembered we had to get our wet clothes on for our first activity.  Describing it as a rush would be an understatement. Luckily we got out in time… well some of us did. We were all looking forward to our first activity: Raft building. For some a wave of shock had just drifted over but for some it had hit them hard. We where all sailing out to our first challenge on a speed boat. For some this was fantastic; for others it was just casual. We had all got our team and the race began. We had to build a raft. The weird thing was when the two groups had finished we had the same design! We still wanted to race though. We got our raft ready then the race had begun. Miss Smith’s  group got a little headstart, but not the kind you would want considering they were floating in the wrong direction! But they did get a bit out of it: they got a speed boat half the way. If you  ask the other team it seemed a bit unfair… When we got to the other side, it was still all to play for: one team in a bush and the other’s raft falling apart. Ready…Steady…GO!!! We were on our way back to the island. When we started it was neck and neck (well if you don’t count that one team was sailing to the island and the other drifting along a fence). We had our own little championship, and every championship needs a champion. That was Mr Wilkinson’s group! They only won because they got a headstart, some would say. Cold and wet, we all headed inside to get dry but it was harder than you think to get dry. Before we knew it, it was time for our dinner. We had spaghetti made by our amazing personalized cook: Mrs Wilkinson. You can never say no to her food! We had her unmistakably amazing warm,chocolate brownies for dessert. Next thing we know its time for “bed”. (In our language it means stay awake and eat sweets while keeping the teachers are wide awake most of the the night!) It was a hard night for some, while some people sleep talk (ahem, Fleur…. and Lucy) others fall asleep with a click of the fingers!


It was the morning of our first full day. The tension was starting to rise but so was the morning. We only just realized the time and it was an almighty war to get space in our cabin to put our bags. Never would I want to do that again.We all got out in time to the smell of the new morning breeze. We all heard the chatter of the other cabins awake. We were still drowsy but awake enough to get our breakfast. The chit chatter of the previous night filled the room we ate in . We all ate a piece of toast and a bowl of cereal with a choice. After eating, washing and getting changed, it was time for paddle boarding. The fun had only just begun. We were getting to know our friends better now and it was really starting to show. We had all got on our paddle board and we where drifting out in the lake. As more and more people got on the water, the more fun it got. The first person to fall off in Mr Wilkinson’s group was Euan. He was lucky to fall in the shallow end. Next thing you know it was like there was a whole stack of falling trees everywhere – one person after another falling off. But the one thing that really caught your eye was the smile on their faces. Every time one person jumped in they had a smile on there face. This was meant to be something challenging and it was, but we had fun and that is why this was a great residential. The falling in (some of it was pushing in) wasn’t necessarily what we should’ve been doing, but every time someone hit the water there was another face of pure happiness. After the paddle boarding, we were all cold and wet and some VERY tired after all night of no sleep at all. Most of us looked forward to a nice sandwich and a packet of crisps.We didn’t take off our wetsuits we just rolled them down to our knees. Our residential was a challenge but the actual challenge was getting off the wet suits! Our lunch all gone, we now headed to our next activity which was more of a challenge than you would expect. It was more of a team  exercise: canoeing.We were told instructions for safety. The first was a team activity as we had to guide the boats out onto the water. Now everything was ready, we started to paddle to our next destination. It took team effort to paddle there with out going in all manner of directions. When we got there we had a barrel of fun. Talking about barrels, we named a barrel “Gary”: it was a barrel that had escaped from the raft building earlier on. After a good day out on the water, by now all of us were in bed (well that is what the teachers thought! The girls always talk but that doesn’t mean the boys don’t do anything. We were next to three yr6 boys and don’t think we didn’t hear there pillow fight in the middle of the night! It was so loud, it was surprising the other cabins didn’t wake up or any of the teachers for that matter.



After an odd night’s sleep, it was the last breakfast of the trip the and the talk of going home filled the little hall.We only had one more activity until the bus ride back to school was in our sight! We all got back to our cabins to get our wet clothes on for the next activity. We only had minutes left to get out and be ready but just enough time to get a head start on packing. We had loved our stay but it just felt right to go home. After a short walk and another safety talk, it was time to hit the water for the very last time! We got in a speed boat and whizzed off to the kayaks. When we got to the other side, it was time to hop in our ride for the next two hours. When everyone was in, the challenge was to untie every boat from the others. Then as a joke we all lined up and  some people had to stand up and do the head shoulders knees and toes (even Miss Smith did it!). We were all laughing our heads off – it was so much fun!!! We would all love to do it again.Then we all paddled along the lake and did some jumps while we waited for the others to catch up. Our  arms ached after an hour of paddling. We finally reached the giant kayak slide. We all had a go (nearly all of us)! The challenge was to keep our arms in the right place while sliding down this huge wooden structure . After a while, we thought it was a good idea to make Miss Smith have a go (to punish her for the share and learn she gives us). To top it all off, we got to give her an all mighty push! To all our surprise, she fell right in head first. We thought she was drowning but don’t worry she is still with us today. This was an unforgettable event! She walked back up the bank telling us that she hated us for pushing her in (don’t worry, we know she didn’t mean it).  She had a great big smile on her face and so did we from this amazing trip.

We are so thankful we had this opportunity of a life time. It really gave us a chance to know our class better. We are so happy to have had this chance to open up and learn more without being in a class environment. Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way and thanks for putting up with us at all times! This was a trip we will never forget in all our lives as it has changed us for the better and showed us we can live without technology and we can be independent if we put our minds to it.

By Elizabeth and Fleur

Owls 2018 South Cerney residential.

FGR vs Newport

October 8th, 2018
This match report is a little different as it is through the eyes of a ball boy.
After a very very wet Saturday morning the rain luckily decided to stop when we walked out of our door.
We got to FGR early as I was ball boy so we all needed to meet and talk tactics. I took my stool and sat by the North stand ready for kick off.
The ref blew the whistle and we were off. The game was really great end to end stuff and Newport looked a good side. The game was still goalless when Winchester curled in a ball from 25 yards but it hit the the base of the post. Then in the 18th minute Grubby’s driving run came off of Scot Bennett from Newport and hit the back of the net…..GOAL. It was an own goal but a goal is a goal. This really was exciting stuff. Then in the 38th minute Amond from Newport scored so it’s now a draw at 1-1 and it’s half time.
At half time if you are a ball boy or girl you get a free drink and chips.
The ref blew his whistle for the 2nd half.  Just after an hour the game got serious when the ball was like a ping pong ball going from player to player. Newport shouted handball as they thought Reid had handled it but from where I was sat I could see that it hit his shoulder and this definately was not a penalty. The ref could not see it but he gave a penalty anyway…..another official to go to Specsavers. We have had a few this season. I was in prime position to see this penalty and thought to myself this is the end of our unbeaten run but I kept everything crossed. The ref blew his whistle and Demetriou stepped up and blasted the ball over the top of the stand and we all cheered. This is one of the most exciting games I have watched this season. The ref blew his whistle and we still remain unbeaten.
There are only now 4 teams unbeaten;
Manchester City
And of course little old FGR
Attendance = 3,081 including 964 from Newport.
Man of the match = Grubb
My Man of the match = Grubb

FGR vs Crawley

September 24th, 2018
Latest Match report written by FGR ambassador Ralph.
It was a cold, dark and rainy Saturday at the New Lawn. This was the game we were hoping to win at home. FGR are wearing their new kit that arrived in the week. So far the 3rd kit has been quite lucky so we wondered what would happen today. The ref blew his whistle. The rain was pouring down but FGR were still able to pass the ball around. It was a good first half of football but there were no goals. FGR did have some good chances and so did Crawley.
Second half and FGR really came out fighting and looked the better team. Still no goals so we were beginning to think this would be another home draw. In the 70th minute Reid managed to score a goal for FGR and everyone went wild. Could FGR score another or make sure Crawley didn’t? It was nail biting on 2 occasions and my mum couldn’t watch.
The 4th official held up the board to show 5 minutes of added time. In the 90 + 3rd minute 1 of Crawley’s men got another yellow and was then shown the red card.
The ref blew his whistle and everyone cheered. We did it we won at home.
There are five teams left unbeaten in the top four divisions.
Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Portsmouth and….Forest Green Rovers.
Didn’t we do well. Currently FGR are 7th in the league.
Attendance = 2,089 including 147 from Crawley.
Man of the match = Brown
My Man of the match = Brown
Here is Olivia’s report too!


22nd of September 2018

On this miserable Saturday afternoon the fans walked into the stadium excited with a smile on their faces. Although wet and rainy the players walked onto the pitch with their heads held high. The fans looked at the players, something was different?? They had their new green kit on. The Commentator called out all the players names and then as usual he shouted COME ON YOU ROVERS. The game started with some great passing from Forest green but Crawley Town had very good defenders. Our new FGR signing, Tahvon Campbell, was clearly keen to make a good start he won the ball back from Crawley and set up Joseph Mills but with the goalkeepers save we didn’t get a goal this time. Robert Sanchez, our goalie, was getting very wet but at the 8th minute he got his first piece of action. Getting down low Sanchez saved Olly Palmers quick effort to score a goal for Crawley. Half an hour in Reid put in a lovely bit of effort into a lob that just went over the crossbar.


Wearing the captain’s armband with pride Reece Brown was being the boss in midfield. Campbell made a great effort just before the hour struck. At 70 minutes Ruben Reid banged the ball into the goal it deflected the goalkeeper but it carried on and went in. As soon as the ball hit the net the FGR fans jumped up and roared with delight. They had one last chance in the 82nd minute but they didn’t get it, it didn’t matter though a least they were winning 1 nil. One of Crawley’s players had one yellow card earlier on and then had another he was sent off. 5 minutes were added on to the game but there was no goal. When the game ended the FGR fans stood up and roared they had won it was their first home game win this season.




Full time score 1-0 to FGR

Attendance 2,089

By Olivia

Active Gloucestershire School Awards

September 15th, 2018

The Active Council had a fantastic time at Cheltenham Town Hall representing the school in two award categories. Before the ceremony they had the opportunity to be active by taking part in archery followed by games with coaches from Hartbury College. Then they enjoyed showing off their circus skills with lots of plate spinning and juggling!

While all of this activity was taking place, Ollie and Fleur were interviewed on camera about their experiences. They both spoke fantastically about how they have developed their activity levels and the positive impact it has had on their lives. The way they spoke so knowledgeably and confidently demonstrated a superb understanding and they were a credit to the school.

Finally, it was time for the awards. It was great to see so many active schools pick up their awards with some inspirational ideas. Then the LOC award for volunteering was announced and the shortlist was of such high quality that they all shared the award! This is a fantastic achievement for Fleur who has been a brilliant Chair of our Active Council showing real commitment in raising levels of activity for all.

The penultimate award was for the engagement of all young people in activity and we were one of the 6 schools shortlisted. The host, South African rugby star Thinus Delport, congratulated all the schools on being part of the strongest field they had ever has for this award. Although we didn’t win, just being shortlisted demonstrates the hard work and effort that the whole school community has made to raising levels of activity for all in Avening School.

The ceremony concluded with some fantastic drumming and then the Active Council got to demonstrate their drumming skills on stage. This was the perfect end to the evening and really emphasised how you can be active in a wide range of activities and have a huge amount of fun. The Active Council were fantastic all evening, demonstrating respect for all of the winners while representing the school brilliantly. Well done everyone!

A full gallery of pictures can be found on the school website.

Active Council

Active drumming!

FGR vs Port Vale

September 12th, 2018
After going to watch FGR in the Checkatrade game I was really excited for this game. Mum read the team news to me and I was a little disappointed but I am not the manager.
The weather was dry but quite windy. The referee blew his whistle and they were off. The game started off quite slow with not a lot happening until the 15th minute when Winchester headed the ball into the back of the net. High fives all round and FGR lead 1-0.
The linesman definitely needed to go to Specsavers as some bad mistakes with made with the decisions.
It wasn’t long until the half time whistle blew.
2nd half and we were still leading. Then Ricky Miller was brought on as a substitute and everyone around me said that’s it then Port Vale will get a penalty. 2 minutes after Miller came on he was booked and then 13 minutes later Miller went down in the box and a penalty was given. Pope took the penalty and scored.
In the 76th minute Rawson made a challenge and had already been booked and this time the referee got out a red card straight away and sent him off. FGR were now down to 10 men. FGR had 2 good chances but the ball couldn’t find the back of the net.
The score ended 1-1 which means we are still unbeaten for this season so far. Will we ever win a home match….find out in 2 weeks.
Attendance = 2,263 including 227 from Port Vale.
Man of the match = Gunning
My Man of the match = Winchester
By Ralph

Netball Training with Severn Stars!

May 25th, 2018

The Owls were very lucky to take part in some netball training run by Severn Stars netball team. They were trained by Ella Powell-Davies and Maryka Holtzhausen, a South African international! They enjoyed the new netball games and the opportunity to learn from such skilled players.

Netball with Severn Stars!

Quadkids District Finals

May 25th, 2018

A team from the Hawks took part in the Quadkids District Finals at Cirencester Arena. They really enjoyed competing against other schools in the 400m, 50m sprint, howler throw and long jump. They collaborated as a team to score points and finished with over 1000! They finished 8th out of over 30 schools who take part in the competition which is a super achievement!

Howler Throw

Quadkids Team


Sponsored Walk

May 25th, 2018

The whole school enjoyed being active and taking part in the sponsored walk to raise money for FOAS. We managed to dodge the showers and walk around the beautiful surroundings of Avening. There was plenty of mud and puddles which just made the walk even more enjoyable! Well done everyone!

Sponsored Walk

Through the forest!

District Sports 2018

May 22nd, 2018

The Hawks and Owls took part in the annual District Sports event against other local schools. Everyone competed in a variety of track and field events including sprints, relays, long jump, triple jump and speed bounce. The weather was lovely and everyone enjoyed competing against other schools as well as trying to improve their personal bests. Once the results have been collated we will find out if anyone has qualified for Area Sports.

A full gallery of pictures is available on the school website.


The Team!

Kwik Cricket Festival

May 15th, 2018

The Hawks enjoyed the opportunity to take part in a cricket festival at SWR where they learnt how to play kwik cricket. They collaborated with pupils from other schools to develop their skills before applying them in a match. The sports leaders from SWR were brilliant in keeping everyone active and teaching them the rules. Everyone made great improvements with their cricket skills during the session. Well done everyone! A full gallery of pictures is on the school website.

Cricket Festival

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